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Founded in 2018, Berkshire Tech Projects is your partner in streamlined operations and increased efficiency. Our experienced team specializes in low-code mobile app development to transform the way you do business. Whether you need to streamline inspections, manage certifications, or enhance customer service, we have the perfect solution. Get in touch today and discover how a custom app can revolutionize your business.

"Success is doing what you do best, letting technology take care of the rest.”

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Mobile Apps

Low-code mobile app design is one of our core areas of expertise. With our low-code approach, we can deliver results quickly, without compromising on quality.


We create websites that look great and work well on all kinds of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Online Forms

We understand the importance of gathering data from your customers or users through online forms. That's why we set up online forms that can be integrated with your mobile apps or websites.

Reports and Analysis

We provide customized reports to help you analyze the data you collect through your apps. Our reports are tailored to your specific needs, and they provide you with insights and metrics that help you make informed decisions.

Our Porfolio

Vehicle Inspections
Customized App
Vehicle Inspection App
Customized Websites
Websites and Hosting
Hiring and recruiting
Customized Apps
Online Job Applications
Certification Tracking
Customized Apps
Certification Tracking
Repair Tickets
Customized Apps
Repair Tickets
Project Management
Customized Apps
Project Management

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